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Satellite Direct Watching TV on a Laptop
Wednesday, 27 October 2010
Watch TV On Laptop Laptop as a TV
In today's world, when technology is touching the peaks, one great achievement is the scope of viewing TV on Laptops. You do not need to have a TV set to be able to view it. There are several new devices that have made it easier for you to watch your favorite TV shows on a laptop. Technologies like Internet TV or TV tuner cards and devices help to catch the TV signal without any wires all over the house.

You can watch TV on your Laptop through two modes - PCTV and satellite TV software. The function performed by the two is same while they differ with their costs. The cost incurred vitiates depending on the number of channels made available and also the portability. A PCTV hardware is available usually in the form of PCI or PCI Express Cards that are attached on the motherboard of desktop PCs. The satellite TV software, on the other hand, is a software featured with streaming live TV channels with the help of broadband internet.
The most common way of watching TV through a Laptop is using a TV tuner. In simple words, a TV tuner aids a computer in receiving and understanding TV signals. Wires from Direct-to-Home (DTH) act as the input for the device. There are numerous brands and types of TV tuners offered in the market. You can find these devices in internal as well as external form.
USB connection is required to use external tuners. These devices are also helpful in recording live TV shows. Also, you can even pause live TV, and record one of your favorite TV shows while watching the other, provided the software used is good enough and gives great flexibility when combined with a high-end DTH box. Many TV tuners constitute a remote control. It is not an expensive venture to buy a TV tuner as you can get good TV tuners for a reasonable price.

Here is a quick resource for you to take a look at: TVONPC

A PCTV device is, however, something quite different from watching TV through PC. Unlike a PCTV, your laptop does not require installing an additional card or an additional USB device. There are numerous channels offered by a PCTV.
As compared to a PCTV, a satellite TV software offers more number of channels in numerous languages without the use of any wired internet connection. This is what makes you avail live TV channels anywhere around the world through a satellite TV software. The satellite TV software is different from a PCTV in regards to the cost only, the satellite TV software being a little expensive.
There is one key advantage of software and hardware over the conventional cable TV. The devices offer the facility of one - time payment that is made at the beginning. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows for free through your PC in this one-time payment.

Posted by damien13glass at 9:24 PM EDT
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